Holiday Special 20

Enter Your Holiday Project for a chance to win a tool kit bundle, shopping cart, and gifts to give to other members!

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The Project with the Most Heart Wins a Tool Kit Bundle, a $400 Shopping Cart, and a $100 Shopping Cart to Gift to Another Member! 


Let Us Know Your Holiday Season Project Ideas in the Comments Below!



The Grand Prize:

3 First Place Winners:

Gift to Keep: Multicomp Tool Kit (~$500 value) plus a $400 Shopping Cart!Gift to Give: A $100 Shopping Cart!Gift to Keep: Tool Kit Bundle + $100 Shopping Cart!Gift to Give: A $100 Shopping Cart!
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Contest Details:  Project14 | Holiday Special 20: Win Tool Kit Bundles, Shopping Carts, and Gifts to Give Others!


Here is the first batch (Projects 1-10) of Holiday Projects to Forget 2020 on Project14:



Get Inspired by Past Holiday Special Projects:



The Projects:


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Project 1: Multiple Raspberry Pi cluster builds


Project 1:  Multiple Raspberry Pi cluster builds  by cypresstwist:


Multiple Raspberry Pi cluster builds


"Crazily huge Pi cluster - the execution is beautiful!" - Community Member Judge


Project 2: Open LED Race how-to


Project 2:  Open LED Race how-to  by  cypresstwist


Open LED Race how-to



"The Open LED Race is example of getting everyone together to play a game. It is fun game with a competitive element but not to serious. A detailed build and highlights some of the issues you can have with the simple circuit design." - Community Member Judge

"Very cool racing game - I'd like to build it too!" - Community Member Judge




"I can see how this project would get very addictive. I like how it is interactive and involves others in the fun time. Colourful lights, speed and competition, what more can you ask for. Photos and video included with a diagram of how it is put together." - Community Member Judge

Project 3: The Secret Behind Santa's Sleigh


Project 3:  The Secret Behind Santa's Sleigh  by dougw :


Vector Display GPU Project



"Cool quadcopter - hope it got a flight over the holidays!" - Community Member Judge






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Project 4: Jingle Wi-FPy: Encoding a Tune with UDP Packets


Project 4:  Jingle Wi-FPy: Encoding a Tune with UDP Packets  by lui_gough:


Jingle Wi-FPy: Encoding a Tune with UDP Packets


"'Continuing the theme of radio abuse' :-)  Very nerdy in a very good way" - Community Member Judge



"Very unusual way to transmit data in a hidden way - keep up the great work Gough." - Community Member Judge

Project 5: ARC The Herald Angels Sing, Plasma Speaker Tesla Coil!!


Project 5:  ARC The Herald Angels Sing, Plasma Speaker Tesla Coil!!  by  majanan :

ARC The Herald Angels Sing, Plasma Speaker Tesla Coil!!


"The Electronics Advent Calendar is something all engineers should receive! Your Xmas sounds fantastic. Very good demo." - Community Member Judge


Project 6: Hammy New Year


Project 6:  Hammy New Year  by dougw:


Hammy New Year



"Very nice message with the hot air. I'm surprised the hot air gun was not used for marshmallows!" - Community Member Judge





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Project 7: Flying Santa Sleigh - Premier Blog# 1


Project 7:  Flying Santa Sleigh - Premier Blog# 1  by  ravi_butani


Flying Santa Sleigh


"Nice start to a project. Looking forward to seeing it evolve!" - Community Member Judge


Project 8: Happy New Year Element14: my last project for 2019


Project 8:  Happy New Year Element14: my last project for 2019  by 14rhb :



Happy New Year element14: my last project for 2019


"Fantastic displays and a multi-year project!" - Community Member Judge



"Beautiful firework effects. This ought to be a product for sale!" - Community Member Judge

Project 9: Touch of Love


Project 9:  Touch of Love  by ptoth :


"I would like the gift to give to go to ”Touch of Love” by ptoth. "cypresstwist, First Place Winner Holiday Special 19


Touch of Love

"A Touch of Love is my last pick and favourite. Another simple circuit used to great effect. Despite being on strip board it has a high quality appearance and a delight to behold." - Community Member Judge


"I like the way this brings people together for the holiday season. It's a fun project that everyone can take part in. This shows the meaning of the holiday season." - Community Member Judge

"Slightly unusual circuit - but there's no arguing with results!" - Community Member Judge

Project 10: Christmas Spirit Meter


Project 10:  Christmas Spirit Meter  by  garengllc


Christmas Spirit Meter

"The Christmas Spirit Meter has a couple of great videos and a detail explaination of the working. A great way to get everyone involved. Top quality finish." - Community Member Judge

"Very cool project, it looks awesome, and I can imagine that kids and adults had fun with it!" - Community Member Judge



"This is very festive way to find out how much Christmas spirit you have. It's great to have kids included in the attached video. Great project for the holiday special 19 competition." - Community Member Judge

"A mixture of mechanics and electronics to produce a fun project with plenty of build detail over a number of blogs." - Community Member Judge

"Fun idea that looks like it was enjoyed by the intended audience (and educational)" - Community Member Judge