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The Project with the Most Heart Wins a Tool Kit Bundle, a $400 Shopping Cart, and a $100 Shopping Cart to Gift to Another Member! 


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The Grand Prize:

3 First Place Winners:

Gift to Keep: Multicomp Tool Kit (~$500 value) plus a $400 Shopping Cart!Gift to Give: A $100 Shopping Cart!Gift to Keep: Tool Kit Bundle + $100 Shopping Cart!Gift to Give: A $100 Shopping Cart!
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Contest Details:  Project14 | Holiday Special 20: Win Tool Kit Bundles, Shopping Carts, and Gifts to Give Others!



Here is the first batch (Projects 1-10) of Holiday Projects to Forget 2020 on Project14:



Get Inspired by Past Holiday Special Projects:


  • Project14 | Holiday Special 20: 50 Holiday Projects to Get You in the Mood in 2020: Projects 41-50!


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Project 41: FLiP Connected X-Mas Ornament

Project 41: FLiP Connected X-Mas Ornament by jomoenginer


The holidays are a time for making ornaments that are Bluetooth connected!


This is a Bluetooth connected Ornament that uses a Parallax FLiP board, WS2812B RGB LED Module and a Velleman HC-05 to control the color displayed in the Ornament.  The Ornament was cerated using a Clear DIY Plastic Hanging Ornament, paint, mini X-mas tree and Styrofoam for the fake snow.  The Parallax FLiP is a DIP form factor board which has a Parallax Propeller processor and was coded using their SimpleIDE in C.


Communication from the FLiP with the HC-05 was performed using the fdserial library from Parallax. Remote connection is from a Raspberry Pi using BlueZ and rfcomm to create a virtual serial interface to the HC-05 and Python was used to send command line commands to control the WS2812B through the HC-05.  A Parallax Serial LCD is used just for debug purposes to ensure the commands made it to the FLiP.


FLiP Connected X-Mas Ornament

"If I get the honor to win the 3-D Printer, I would put it to good use to create the much needed enclosures my projects are begging me to create, as well as fix some items around the house such as the broken knob on the toaster.


The Sam's STEAM Kit I would donate to a local school in my area that does not have the means to purchase such items for their students." - jomoenginer


Project 42: Christmas Vacation Project - Building a Clap Switch Light

Project 42: Christmas Vacation Project - Building a Clap Switch Light  by jw0752


The holidays are a time for spending time on projects with your Grandchildren!


A few years ago, thanks to Christmas Vacation jw0752  had the opportunity to spend the day doing electronics with his 11 year old Grandson Ivan. They began with a small Chinese noise actuated clap switch.It is a simple 2 stage audio amplifier that triggers a transistor flip flop which in turn lights a small LED. It is designed to operate at 5 volts. Ivan has become very adept at building these Chinese kits and he is also knowledgeable about my shop.


Christmas Vacation Project - Building a Clap Switch Light



Project 43: Infinity Living Christmas Wreath

Project 43: Infinity Living Christmas Wreath  by  dwinhold


The holidays are a time for doing really cool things with LEDs with your family!


The Infinity Living Christmas Wreath was done as a family project. Dale made this with his kids. They wanted to make something unique and what they came up with was awesome!


To create the wreath they used 144 RGB LED light string, an Arduino, a Raspberry Pi, Screen, speakers, 2 pieces of one way mirror and a 12 volt transformer.  The LED strip was placed between the one way mirrors. The Arduino is used to control the LED pattern and the transformer is used to power the LED's. Meanwhile, the Raspberry Pi and screen is used to display the burning log behind the mirror with speakers for fire crackling sound.


Infinity Living Christmas Wreath

"Unique idea for a Christmas artifact. ...the result is beautiful."



"If I win the grand prize I would keep the 3d printer and use it to make small toys for kids to enjoy. The SAM's STEAM KIT will be given to my sons school for their computer science class. This is a way to help many students with a single (incredible) gift.


Whom ever wins this challenge, the donation of the gifts is truly the spirit of the holidays!!


Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays everyone!!"  - dwinhold



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Project 44: Project Elf House

Project 44: Project Elf House- Complete  by beagles:


The holidays are a time for coming with really great ideas with friends and doing something about it!


The idea for the elf house was hatched during a discussion amongst friends of  beagles .  She was tasked with producing a Christmas decoration using a toilet roll tube.  beagles was asked if she could add a single white LED to their project. The project being a little elf house. She did better than that...


Project Elf House - Complete


"Fantastic solution and very simple implementation." - Community Member Judge

"Looks really nice, and the circuit was available." - Community Member Judge



Also on Project14 by beagles  :

Project 45: The Clausometer Christmas Spirit Meter

Project 45: The Clausometer Christmas Spirit Meter   by ntewinkel

The holidays are a time for Clausometers to gauge the holiday spirit!


For The Holiday Special,  ntewinkel  decided to make a Clausometer, as seen in the movie Elf.  In that movie, Santa's sleigh had trouble flying due to a lack of Christmas spirit. The sleigh was equipped with a Clausometer that indicated the level of Christmas spirit around.  This version of The Clausometer uses twitter to gauge holiday spirit, and really is brilliant and worth checking this out.   This, like the following project, was especially well received.  His wife helped him with the graphics and it uses a Raspberrry Pi to move the needle!


The Clausometer Christmas Spirit Meter


"A great implementation of a theme using some old fashioned bodgering."

"Looks really nice, very original and in the holiday spirit, and full code and schematic described." - Community Member Judge


Code available, schematic described (which pins to connect where). Well documented, and looks really great. - Community Member Judge

Project 46: Stormtrooper Pi Radio

Project 46: Stormtrooper Pi Radio by ninjatrent


The holidays are time for Star Wars and to see if the Mandalorean can retcon The Rise of Skywalker!


Just about everything on the pi zero w has been wrapped in Kapton tape to prevent short circuits. Pinouts from the MAX98357A have been directly soldered to the pi zero w. A detailed tutorial on installation and configuration of this I2S Class D Amp can be found at . On the 16GB microSD the most recent Raspbian Stretch Lite has been installed.


Stormtrooper Pi Radio


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Project 47: DIY LED Ferris Wheel

Project 47: DIY LED Ferris Wheel  by dixonselvan


The holidays are a time for decorating your place with lights and stars and cool projects for Fathers and kids!


For dixonselvan, the holidays are fun when he and his family decorate the place lights and stars.  LEDs are mostly used for this purpose, so he's given a project as one of our judges pointed out that is a "great project for fathers and kids."  He made a really great DIY video, good documentation, and let's you know what you need for a project to do with your kids during Christmas.


DIY LED Ferris Wheel



Great project for fathers and their kids I loved the time-lapse video and everything explained. Dixon has put a lot of effort into this mini project.- Community Member Judge




Project 48: Hello My Name is...In Lights!

Project 48: Hello My Name is...In Lights! (with instructional video and all required files!)  by makethingstoday :


The holidays are a time to make yourself instantly memorable even in a crowed party or event!


Have you ever wanted to stand apart from the crowd at party or event? Tired of boring name tags that make you feel the same as as everyone else? Well, makethingstoday has a simple project, that's guaranteed to get the attention you deserve.  With a  Hello My Name is...In Light name tag, you'll make yourself instantly memorable and be forever known as that person with the LED name tag that looked so cool.  He's provided a link to the 3D printed parts is provided and given you clear instruction on how you make one yourself using a small arduino, 3 LED lights, paperclips, and a couple of batteries. Its just a really great name tag, that will also come in handy if you are in a room that is not well lit.  Who knows?  Getting people to notice you is very important in attracting new clients, getting a promotion, and possibly meeting the love of your life who would have otherwise not noticed you!


Hello My Name is...In Lights!

I also love that Sean included a simplified version of the name tag if you want to use regular LEDs.  I think that puts his entry over the top.  - Community Member Judge


Project 49: Cotton LED star with Digispark module

Project 49: Cotton LED star with Digispark module  by kk99


The holidays are a time for cool Christmas decorations that glow and do cool things with LEDs!


This is one of many great projects that kk99 submitted and not the only one that was considered as a first place finisher.  There was also Infrared thermometer (featured later) and Simple thermometer which were both really cool projects. Cotton LED star is a simple Christmas decoration that is made from 5 orange LEDs, a few pieces of hotmelt and cotton thread.  Each LED Diode is controlled by the digispark module with ATTINY85 module and the program was written using the C language. Source code is attached to the project and schematic is also provided!


Cotton LED star with Digispark module

Looks fantastic, and full documentation (code and schematics) - Community Member Judge

Very attractive design, combining art and LEDs. - Community Member Judge

Project 50: Gravity Assisted Blinking Coin Cell Christmas Tree

Project 50: Gravity Assisted Blinking Coin Cell Christmas Tree by fmilburn


The Holidays are a time for doing stuff with friends and grandchildren!


This is a project fmilburn did with a friend just before Christmas.  He was even able to get his grandson involved in.  The idea is to use a CR2032 coin cell to power LEDs as it rolls down a ramp.  The project is constructed from foam board cut out with a hobbyist knife and copper tape used to make the connections with the coin cell.  It is best understood by seeing it in action....


Albero di(Gi) Natale