Me,  I don't do the tree thing. I do Hanukkah we all have a blast and eat till we are stuffed. Then New Year In NYC my home town  I love to shop Sax 5th Ave,  Bloomingdales, maybe in Macy's? So here's a little of the holidays!




Matzo Brei

In this Matzo Brei (rhymes with fry) recipe, the matzo sheets are browned in butter until crisp before being lightly scrambled with eggs. Add black pepper, plenty of salt, and capers for a savory version, or  It’s a fine breakfast or brunch any time of the year, and especially during Passover.

BTW Don't forget the Sour Cream!


And I really can't do this without this from  Bing Crosby - White Christmas (1942)!

Enjoy Everyone ~~ Cris