The SAMD21 processor that is used on the QT Py has a built in Peripheral Touch Controller (PTC) that can detect touch on external capacitive sensors.  The PTC has a mutual-capacitance mode to sense touch on an x-y matrix and a self-capacitance mode to detect touch on a single point (pin).   The QT Py is in the 32 pin package so there are 6 capacitive touch pins available in self-capacitance mode (A0-A3,A6,A7).


Here is the PTC Block Diagram from the SAMD21 spec

Adafruit has a QTouch compatible Arduino library for the SAMD21.  The library is FreeTouch:

QTouch is Microchip's library for the PTC.


I decided that I would add 2 touch buttons to the project - one to change the NeoPixel pattern and one to play a sound (haven't implemented that yet).

I am going to use thumb tacks as my buttons and I printed a button holder that I could add to my ornament base.


Setting up the PTC with the FreeTouch library is reasonably straightforward.  You initialize the button objects with 4 parameters:

  1. Input pin number
  2. Number of oversamples (for averaging)
  3. Discharge resistor size
    • RESISTOR_0
    • RESISTOR_20K
    • RESISTOR_50K
    • RESISTOR_100K
  4. Frequency mode - set frequency mode to reject synchronous noise (I haven't found a good description of these modes)


So, I configured two available pins A0 and A1 (no external components required other than the wire to the thumbtack):

Adafruit_FreeTouch qt_1 = Adafruit_FreeTouch(A0, OVERSAMPLE_4, RESISTOR_50K, FREQ_MODE_NONE);

Adafruit_FreeTouch qt_2 = Adafruit_FreeTouch(A1, OVERSAMPLE_4, RESISTOR_50K, FREQ_MODE_NONE);


Initialized them:




Then set variables to store the measured values:

long newState =  qt_1.measure();

long switchState = qt_2.measure();


I observed that the measured value averaged around 500 +/-50 with no touch and between 800-1000 when I touched the thumbtack, so I added a touch threshold of 750 which seems to work consistently.


Here is a very short video demonstrating using the left button to switch NeoPixel patterns.


Something I need to figure out is how to trigger an interrupt when the touch is detected.  Otherwise I'll need to check for button "presses" while I'm running the NeoPixel patterns continuously.


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