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One of my goals for this project was to increase the light output of the LED pucks. Here is the latest generation of the light puck.  As is getting to be more and more the case, I spend a lot of time designing and print pieces for my projects.  Here is some of the Fusion360 views of my new parts:
Light Puck caseLight Puck LensLight Puck ReflectorLight Puck Reflector Foil template
The main parts are the outer case (printed in white), the light lens and light reflector (snap together pieces, printed in clear) and a template for cutting out the reflector foil.  The three light puck pieces represent over 8 hours of printing and I am now looking at building a total of nine lights, or an additional 64 hours+ of printing.  I guess I will just need to multitask my time around these prints as I design another set of enclosures for the 'Master' modules and maybe a EnOcean based light sensor module.  Oh and I do still have some PCBs to design and some code to write.
With the designs done, and a lot of printing done also, here are the raw parts, starting with the case:
Light Puck case - frontLight Puck case - front
Here are the are lens shots:
Light Puck Lens -frontLight Puck Lens -back
Here are the reflector shots (with the foil installed and sloppily trimmed):
Light Puck Reflector (foil) - frontLight Puck Reflector - back
Now, time to put all of the pieces together and see how they fit:
Light Puck Lens and reflectorLight Puck Lens, reflector and caseLight Puck Lens, reflector, case and PCBLight Puck - full assembly - front
The reflector cone snaps into place on the backside of the lens and the lens mounts on the case mounted stand off/screw holders, which helps keep all of the pieces aligned during assembly. I was very impressed with how well all of the pieces fit.
With the light puck fully assembled, it is time to try it out:
Light Puck - full assembly - front - lit up
The new light puck measured a Lux output at 10" of 1168.  This compares to the light output of the original light pucks (exact same electronics and LEDs) of 637 Lux.  This represents a >83% increase in light output.  I still have a bit of work to go before I can take updated light readings with a full compliment of revised light pucks.
There is visibly far less side emitted light from the new lights, but still a small amount.
Looks like I better fire up the 3D printer and start building some more parts.
Thanks for reading and more to come!