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Home Automation with OpenHAB 2 and Matrix Creator



This is my intro page for my Home Automation Project using OpenHAB 2 and the Matrix Creator with a Raspberry Pi 3 A+.  OpenHAB 2 a free Home Automation software that has many built in options that make building a clean interface to control events and devices both manually and automatically.  In a previous project I used OpenHAB 1 with a Raspberry Pi B which is still running, however I intend to use this newer version of OpenHAB to update that config.


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Due to a post I made on the 'Project14 | Give Your Habitat a Personality Using Home Automation!' blog, I was provided with a Matrix Creator, Raspberry Pi 3 A+ and a GraspIO cloudio. I'm still considering how I can add the cloudio to the mix, but I will use the Matrix Creator and Raspberry Pi 3 A+ to run OpenHAB and provide environmental data.


Matrix Creator - Matrix Creator FPGA-driven IoT add-on board loaded with sensors, 802.15.4 radios  and a mic array

Raspberry Pi 3 A+ - The specified item was not found.

GraspIO cloudio - https://www.element14.com/news/premier-farnell-launches-graspio-cloudio---a-raspberry-pi-expansion-board-with-a-mobile-p…




To control the Home Automation Environment, I have selected OpenHAB 2 as the software to run on the RasPi 3 A+ and display and control the Matrix Creator as well as other devices connected and not connected. OpenHAB is a free software that runs on a multitude of hardware that can be used to easily create a Smart Home environment and automate many tasks all without the need of a cloud configuration.  OpenHAB also has multiple UI options that can be accessed via a browser both locally and remotely with a mobile device.  The UIs I decided to implement are the Paper UI to configure bindings for presenting data and the Basic UI for a clean interface.


The Matrix Labs software libraries have started with are the MATRIX Lite Python,  MATRIX HAL and MATRIX Creator MCU libraries. Time permitting, I intend to add some MATRIX Creator FPGA features as well.


OpenHAB 2 - https://www.openhab.org/

MATRIX HAL - https://matrix-io.github.io/matrix-documentation/matrix-hal/overview/

MATRIX Lite Py - https://github.com/matrix-io/matrix-lite-py

MATRIX Creator MCU - https://github.com/matrix-io/matrix-creator-mcu


So far, I have been able to get some of the sensors from the Matrix Creator to be presented in the OpenHAB UI using the Open HAB Exec binding, Python, and MATRIX Lite Py.


Main OpenHAB page




Main Matrix Creator Sensor Page


ST LSM9DS1 Sensor page


ST HTS221HTS221 Sensor Page


This is what I have thus far.