This is my blog submission for the Home Automation in Project14 .

Idea and Aim of the project - The idea for this project is to make a voice based home automation system with a emergency detection for notification and safety guidance via SMS.Thus this is to make our houses automated using voice and iot and also create a safe environment by having emergency detection and guidance.

Hardware and Software required for the project-


Esp32-I have preferred to use esp32 for the project because it has very good connectivity over WiFi , and is very cheap and gives great features in a small form package. I have not used ESP 8266 because it only has one ADC so there cannot be many sensor inputs on ESP 8266 , we can also use nodemcu then we would need to take input

Mq-6 gas sensor - This would be used for LPG leakage detection.

IR receiver - This is for fire detection.

DHT11 -This is for temperature and humidity.

BMP280 - This is for atmospheric pressure.

Soil Hygrometer This is for soil moisture detection in garden.

Pir Motion sensor - This is for detection of any movement near your door in night.

Relay -This is for appliance control.





Arduino Ide

Working of the project - This system would first detect the command for controlling any device, getting weather data ,etc from the Google Assistant of your smartphone via IFTTT and then it would send the command to Blynk cloud via Webhooks.Then it would accordingly control any device or give any data like weather by sending sms via Twilio.

Then the other part of the project would be to detect any emergency from the sensor data and then notify and guide us via SMS using Twilio and also give us data like the weather data.

Procedure for making the project -

1) First you need to set up the esp32 on Arduino Ide to be able to program it , you can follow the instructions on this link  or to set up arduino ide to program the esp32/esp8266

2) Then you need to install blynk and twilio on your esp device by following these  links or

3) Then you need to set up your your blynk and IFTTT account on smartphone.

4) Then you need to create applets in ifttt and add buttons in blynk to control the required gpio on receiving a specific phrase on Google Assistant .You can follow this link to do this

5) Then upload your code to your esp device based on pins you have connected with the sensors and relay .


Note:The code for project and with schematic/pin connection will be uploaded here once I complete it -

And video showing the working of the project would be uploaded here -

as I don't have all the materials required for project.