Story behind the project:

I believe that a project without a story is stale and tasteless and doesnot have a vivid connection with the author/maker.Last year I was diagonsed with measles and jaundice at the same time.I was taken to a hospital nearby when my condition was not good.Being a college student 2000 km away from home is difficult,especially in these cases. When I reached the hospital all my tests were taken and I just needed to be prescribed the correct medicine. But, the skin specialists was not present , so I had to wait for a whole night in a hospital bed paying the ward bills and so on and so forth. What if the doctor would have remotely prescribed me I thought!!


Components used:

  • MFRC522 rfid reader
  • rfid tags
  • node mcu
  • oled display

Platform used:

  • Adafruit IO


Project description:

The project will have three end users.


From the interface, currently adafruit io the doctor will send a prescription against a particular rfid tag



The patient will bear the unique rfid tag in form of bands or stiched in the hospital merchandise or even stickers on the patient's phones



They will have the scanner and if the doctor has prescribed something for a particular rfid tag. As soon as the tag is scanned the prescribed list would be displayed on the oleddisplay.

If not prescribed it wont. Also once it is scanned the medical history is updated in the doctor's interface.


Details and demonstration of the project is in the vedio: 



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