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    I got the idea to represent time as a spectrum of colors. There are already similar ideas on the Internet, but they are a little difficult to accurately determine the time. I wanted to make a simpler and more understandable clock. To represent the time, I decided to use two hue wheels, one for the hour and one for the minutes and seconds. In the center, I decided to place the yin and yang symbol, the upper part of which will display hours and the lower part of the minute, two dots, will display seconds.



    For the project, I decided to use a WS2812b addressable LED strip (I took 1 meter 144 LEDs), an Arduino Nano and a thin 22AWG wire. I also designed the case and 3D printed it.

     Since I had to strip a lot of wires, the tool came in handy for me, which I found on



     First you need to cut 60 LEDs with one tape and 16 LEDs one by one. Then you need to tin all the contacts on the LEDs. Next, you should glue 16 LEDs to the convex areas. The main thing when gluing is to observe the sequence so that the plus and the ground do not intersect. Then you should measure the wires, strip them and, most importantly, tin them in advance. When you solder the wires to the contacts of the LEDs, touch the soldering iron for no more than one second in order not to melt the plastic. It should look like the picture below.


     Then the panel is screwed to the main body with two small screws. The tape with 60 LEDs fits into the outer ring. The wires from this tape are threaded through a special hole and soldered. It should look like the picture below.


    I also had to stick a little foil on the inside to reflect the light better, otherwise it would be dark in this place.



    The control wire from pin D6 of the Arduino to the DIN pin of the LED strip should be connected through a 200-500 ohm resistor (I used 470 ohm). It is also important that the power supply to the LED strip is separate.



Coming soon!



     Demonstration of simple chaotic blinking.


     Can be used as a Christmas tree toy.


     Demonstration of the watch.


3D Models: