I have been looking forward to Christmas for some time and to making something electronicy with LEDs and Arduino. I love a few LEDs and bits of tinsel. So I decided to have a go at the Merry Boxes and LEDS project. I started a while ago collecting bits to use anticipating a quick start, but Christmas preparations have intervened and I have only just been able to find some spare time. I have collected a few bits and a small wooden box and my intention is to make something relatively small that resides inside the box and then 'pops up'! I don't have a plan as such so I will see how it goes. I do have a 3D printer which I am to use to make all the internal structural parts. Plus an Arduino Nano. And some micro servos. And some LEDs. And some batteries. Should be enough.





PS Usually I make a collection of smaller videos with my camera, which I stich together and edit with Microsoft Photo Editor (or similar), then export in an internet format (MP$ I think) and then upload to YouTube, so I just have to give the URL. But that's all a load of phaffing around and I wanted my lunch so I just stuck the video straight in. Please let me know how it goes.