Merry Boxes & LEDs

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It seems like there's always another something-or-other that takes precedence over my fun projects; however, this evening I did finally find some time to finish soldering the second xmas tree.


For future reference, I ended up trying the green LEDs with a 10k resistor, but then it barely flashed. So I used the supplied 2k resistor for green, 1k for yellow, and 330 for red.

For the very top I used a 680 ohm resistor (instead of the supplied 10k) and put a flashing LED on the peak instead of the supplied red one. I like how it gives the peak a more festive effect

blinking LEDs xmas tree


The first tree has been on the mantle downstairs looking pretty for the last few days already, powered by one of those little rechargeable battery boxes often used to refill a cell phone on the go. It looks and acts identical to the tree in the gif (which is showing the one I just finished tonight).


The soldering marathon tonight had solder fumes causing my eyes to tear up a little, and I poked myself with a sharp resistor end making me bleed a bit. I also worked up a little bit of a sweat while concentrating. Nothing gross of course, just one of those sexly manly kinds of sweat, honest

My point is though, that I've put blood, sweat, and tears into this project! sorry, that was bad. but it had to be done


So now that I finally have two trees to work with, the real part of the project can begin - where I connect two WeMos D1 Mini ESP-based boards to them and have them talk to each other!


I suppose I could have simply used a little string of battery-powered LEDs for this too, and saved me several nights of soldering up these trees   But hey, this is much cooler.





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