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It is now the end of my attempt to make my SuperRobot. It is the end in two ways; firstly I have run out of time so what I have now is all that there is going to be, and secondly because the SuperRobot chassis just would not work properly and is now broken. The motors driving the chassis wanted to work but for some reason, most of the time they just wouldn't. Sometimes they would, but usually they didn't. Regretfully in my quest to drive nearer and nearer to the limits of the electronics in order to get more POWER! something went wrong and now nothing works. The Arduino controlling the chassis has become defective and no longer works - I'm not surprised as I increased the power supply to 12V in the hope it might work for just long enough for the final video. But no, it didn't. I've tried all my DC motor driver interfaces and I have now come to the conclusion that the motors I was using were just not powerful enough and just stalled. Now it is sadly broken. And for some reason, perhaps in sympathy, the train Arduino controller has also decided not to work anymore either. It worked last night but today, nothing. It is probably something very simple but time has just run away.


So, in spite of all these breakages, I proudly present : SuperRobot !!!