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BeagleBone Robotics Cape

The BeagleBone Devastator Robot


Parts List


Turnigy 1600mAh 2S 20C LiPo Battery


The " 2-wire JST-ZH (1.5mm pitch) " connectors needed for the motors were purchased from a seller on Amazon.


Logitech Webcam


DF Robot Devastator Tank Mobile Platform


Recommended Accessories




BeagleBone Robotics Cape Specs


  • 9-Axis IMU: Invensense MPU-9250
  • Barometer: Bosch BMP280
  • 4 x H-Bridge DC motor controllers
  • 8-Channel Servo/ESC output
  • 5V 2A switching regulator for robust power supply (8V -18V input voltage)
  • 6V 4A regulated power supply to protect servos
  • Charges a 2-cell LiPo battery
  • 4 Quadrature encoder inputs
  • GPS input with EM-406/EM-506 style UART connector
  • Headers for I2C, UART, SPI, ADC, PWM, GPIO connectivity
  • Supports DSM2 and DSMX satellite radios


Robotics Hardware API

Robot Control Library: Main Page

librobotcontrol Source Code

Custom Aluminum Heatsink is not included.

BeagleBone Robotics Cape


The BeagleBone Black Wireless has been mounted on a acrylic base with nylon stand and screws.

I'm using this Turnigy 2S 1600mAh 30C LiPo Battery Pack. Any 2S lipo battery pack should work.

I've swapped the factory installed WiFi Antennas on the BBB W for the following

2.4GHz Mini Flexible WiFi Antenna with uFL Connector



Unboxing the Robotics Cape

Quick Start Guide

The Robotics Cape comes factory sealed in anti static bag.


I hoped there would be a JST Cable Bundle in here. *sigh


Mr. Scissors has gone missing and Mr. Generic Boxcutter has lost his edge but we have managed to safely extract the Cape.

Comes with free desiccant pack. These little packs are great for absorbing excess moisture.

12V DC Barrel Jack for supplying power to the lipo charge circuit.

There is much to take in when viewing this cape so I will mainly focus on the connections that will be used.

The M1 and M2 2-wire JST-ZH (1.5mm pitch) motor drive connections located bottom right.

LiPo Battery Connetion located top center of photo.

8 x Servo Power Rail

Conformal coating close-up

Florescence of Conformal Coating is revealed when exposed to UV light.



This is the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920.  It is compatable with all BeagleBoard Computers and there are extensive resources and support for using this camera with the BeagleBone Debian Linux OS Images. I have removed the factory mount from the webcam and attached the cam to a microservo.

I am currently running this mjpg-streamer script.

The live stream has been successfully viewed with the Chrome Browser and VLC Media Player on Windows 10 and VLC for Android.


Further information on using the C920 Webcam with the BeagleBone

Beaglebone: Video Capture and Image Processing on Embedded Linux using OpenCV |

Capturing Images and Video on the Beaglebone |

Streaming Video Using RTP on the Beaglebone Black | |

UDP Unicast and Multicast Streaming Video using the Beaglebone Black |



The Devastator Robotics Platform from DF Robot

This chassis kit was fairly easy to assemble. In order to decrease the amount of slack in the drive tracks, it was necessary to carefully remove one link from each side.





Video stream from the Logitech camera connected to the BeagleBone Black Wireless. Viewing stream on Windows 10 Laptop with Chrome Browser.