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WalkyII is still not quite ready to walk, but still moving in the right direction.  WalkyII gets some updates (R/C receiver & IR range finders front and back) and some new feet.  Now all he needs are some legs and ankles (printing right now).

The IR range finders are setup to be adjustable, so that WalkyII can look ahead (or behind) and see obstacles and/or edges.  The R/C radio receiver allows WalkyII to get commands (forward, backward, left and right).  These commands will be WalkyII's inputs, but firmware will allow him to ignore the command if it somehow violates his understanding of safety (like don't step off into space).  The top mounted controller board (bare board presently in place), connects to the power pack and via a stacking connector, will allow an update board to replace the R/C commands (autonomous navigation - later upgrade). The controller board will read the signals from the two IR rangefinders, two input servo PWM signals (R/C radio) and control up to four servo controllers (I still need to build up the first prototype of this and start on the firmware).


In running this round of 3D prints, I tried to reduce some of the print times (and save some filament) by leaving out unnecessary material (large holes in the feet, along with minimal bosses (2-ankle supports and a control arm attachment point, versus the nearly solid box structure of the old Walky design).  I was quite surprised how little time this saved.  I might try reducing the print quality setting to set if this produces usable parts in a shorter time.  Any 3D printing experts have any other thoughts on time savings?


Well this sort of brings me up to date.  I have one of my first legs parts about ready to come off the printer.

More later!