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For the past couple of months I have been working on a servo mechanism for my design challenge project called the Bluetooth Maze which you can check out at - Bluetooth Maze - Final Build . Putting the mechanism together was the most difficult part of the challenge which, I least expected. So, when I saw the Mover and Shaker theme for the month, I knew I had to post a project, but this time around my plan is to use continuous rotation servos and I am calling the robot a– Continuous Servo Bot .


As part of the build, my idea is to create 3D printed parts to hold the continuous servo as you see in the picture below, and then have an half sized breadboard placed on top.

As part of the 3D printed parts which are printed in Blue PLA 1.75 mm filament , the back part (continuous_servo_back.stl) had a circular holder to hold a marble, which will act as the 3rd leg/wheel of the bot. In addition, front 3D part (continuous_servo_front.stl) has a Gopro type holder mount to hold sensors like the ultrasonic sensor or a Pi Camera.  And the two wheels are held together with 4 finger servo arm.


{gallery} 3D printed parts

3D printing Servo holders

Wheels for the continuous Servo

use 4x40 nuts and screws to hold the servos to the 3D printed arm.