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For the Movers and Shakers theme I have decided to focus on the levers and linkages component to solve the problem of needing separate pedals for multiple effects units due to different specs as well as inability to interoperate. This will demonstrate *moving* a sound parameter and it would *shake* the room if played through my 100 watt stack. I will be placing a resistive strip sensor under one of the rubber stoppers on a bass pedal unit in order to change a parameter on a separate guitar effects unit. In the first pic you can see the sensor that will be used:


resistive sensor


The next pic shows the effect units I will be using. The sensor will be taped under the Vox pedal to run the Line 6 unit. It could easily be wired to a proper 1/4'' on the Line 6 end for long term use but this theme got me thinking of a number of other ways to do this that I want to try as well.


Line 6 and Vox


Finally,  here is the Tesla coil and RJM Tone Saver with isolated output that I will be attempting to do the video with for my next post. I will attempt to run the Line 6 through a Tesla coil that modulates the sound through a plasma arc while changing a sound parameter on the Line 6 (black one) by using the resistive strip under the Vox pedal (red one). For extra points I will sloppily play a riff from 'the heat is on' since it is the inspiration for next months project and it fits with this one too. I've been trying to figure out what to do with my resistive strips for years, thanks Element 14!


Tesla and RJM Tone Saver