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Project14 | The Birthday Special: A NanoRama Open Arduino Competition!


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This special event celebrates the 3rd birthday of Project14 and the 15th birthday of Arduino with an Open Ended Arduino project competition that kicks off the day before Arduino Day on March 21st, 2020.   The NanoRama project competition is a follow up to  Arduino Day 2020: NanoRama: We're Giving Away Different Nano Boards for Projects that Use Them!   We also launched an Arduino Fundamentals: Part I: Quiz where you can test your knowledge (or argue over) your knowledge of Arduino.    We will also have a round ups of the last two Arduino project competitions to celebrate Arduino Day in what has turned into an annual tradition.


Arduino Day 2020 Round Ups:



We're also aware that this is difficult time around the world, the Covid-19 Virus has upended life as we know it.


Your project can also include a Fighting Germs project as suggested in Project14 | Fighting Germs: Win a Thermal Imaging Camera, a Germicidal Lamp, and a Shopping Cart with Matching Charity Donation!


Simply tag your post FightingGermsCH and NanoRamaCH if your Fighting Germs project uses an Arduino.


The Grand Prize


Every Nano BoardPlus a $400 Shopping Cart
Your Chance to Win a Nano Classic, Nano Every, Nano 33 IoT, Nano BLE, and Nano BLE Sense! Plus a $400 Shopping Cart to Do Cool Stuff with Your Boards!


First Place & Finisher Prizes


Three First Place Winners Receive a $200 Shopping Cart to Any of Our Stores!
Finisher Prizes

3 First Place Winners Receive a Nano BLE Sense plus a $200 Shopping Cart!

We have up to 20 Nano (Classic Boards) to Giveaway for Amazing Projects!


The Projects:


DIY Smartphone controlled tiny plane as weekend project for children and parents by ravi_butani:


Fuzzy Plant Watering System DIY Smartphone controlled tiny plane as weekend project for children and parents

"The idea of building a small plane using cheap components was incredible and is a very interesting initiative for teaching electronics and aerodynamics concepts in schools." - Community Member Judge

"This project achieved so much with so little and ravi_butani  provided a highly detailed blog, delivering a step by step guide to the build." - Community Member Judge

"A great toy for a 3 year old. I particularly liked the fact that you got her involved in choosing the sounds to go on it. I'm sure she'll appreciate a personalized toy even more." - Community Member Judge


Product Name
(2) Coreless DC motor with cw and ccw prop
ESP-12 or ESP-07 module
3.7V 180mAH 20C LiPo battery
(5) 3.3kOhms 1/10 watt smd or 1/4 watt through hole resistors
1N4007 smd or through hole diode
TP4056 1S 1A Lipo Charger module
2 male and 1 female mini JST connector
(2-3) Barbecue sticks
50cm x 50cm 3mm depron sheet or any rigid 3mm foam sheet
Single core insulated jumper wire
Nodemcu or cp2102 USB to UART converter as programmer for upload firmware to esp8266
Scotch Tape
Super Glue
Hobby grade Soldering Tools
Surgical Blade with blade holder
Hot glue gun
Computer having Arduino IDE with ESP8266 Arduino Core
Android Mobile phone



"DIY Smartphone Controlled Plane, great description with lots of pictures." - Community Member Judge

"A very cool project!  Great documentation and amazing results shown in the video." - Community Member Judge

"Top Place: This goes to ravi_butani for his airplane as I thought the whole design was fun, modern and clever. I used to love model planes - chuck gliders and rubber band models so this really took me back to the 70's/80's and toys. It also seemed to work so well. Personally I would have accidentally crashed it on that maiden flight so another well done to him for the pilot skills." - Community Member Judge

"I'm particularly impressed that the plane was handmade and that it flew so well." - Community Member Judge


The Useless Box by balearicdynamics :


The Useless Box

"Useless Box, good description and build instructions." - Community Member Judge

"As usual, balearicdynamics has produced a highly unique and entertaining project delivered in a well detailed blog." - Community Member Judge



Product NameManufacturerQuantity
Arduino UnoArduino1Buy NowBuy Now


Product Name
Starter Kit
Servo Arm



The Musical Box by balearicdynamics:


The Musical Box

"The 2nd runner up was the Musical Box by balearicdynamics for his usage of simple but effective sound and light. The side motor for the pointer was effective with the windup sound." - Community Member Judge




Product NameManufacturerQuantity
Arduino UnoArduino1Buy NowBuy Now
bbc micro:bitbbc micro:bit1Buy NowBuy Now
All-in-one Robotics Board For micro:bitKitronik1Buy NowBuy Now
Keysight 1230 Series MultimeterKeysight1Buy NowBuy Now

Product Name
Arduino Prototype Shield
DFPlayer Mini Mp3
(5) DC Motors
3D Print Parts
Cardboard Boxes


"Creating Your Own Handheld Electronic Games, great build well described." - Community Member Judge


ARBot by dubbie:



"I wish to add a honorable mention for ARBot by dubbie. A great blog about many things especially the mobile robot truck. He may not have had success, but it was very good to instruct others to face adversity up front..." - Community Member Judge

"I found the integration between digital image processing and augmented reality of this project very cool. The project was very well documented by the author and can be applied to many games with children." - Community Member Judge

"For a project that didn't quite meet his aspirations, but plenty of effort was expended, I think this goes to dubbie's augmented reality project. It was fun and just along the lines of how many projects go - also nice to see I'm not the only one that struggles to get a motor traction :-)" - Community Member Judge



Product NameManufacturerQuantity
Arduino MKR ZeroArduino1Buy NowBuy Now


Product Name
2 Yellow Lego Men
BN0055 Rotation Sensor
Servo Motor
SongMi Virtual Reality Glasses headset
mobile robot chassis



Adding LEDs to a flying wing by carmelito:


Adding LEDs to a flying wing



Pimp my PICADE  by luislabmo:


Pimp my PICADE

"The 1st runner up was the Pimp my PICADE  by luislabmo for his use of the engraving machine and led display." - Community Member Judge

"I really liked the high quality of the build and implementation to produce some superb visual effects." - Community Member Judge



Product NameManufacturerQuantity
Arduino Pro MiniAdafruit1Buy NowBuy Now
PicadePimoroni1Buy NowBuy Now
Creality CR-10SCreality1Buy NowBuy Now
3D Printer FilamentUltimaker1Buy NowBuy Now

Product Name
Custom PCB
7 individually addressable RGB LEDs



"A very cool hack, packed with some great tool development.  A definite improvement to your gaming console." - Community Member Judge



Fancy Eye by armour999 :


Fancy Eye