Lock NFC PCB designThis project involves restarting an continuing with a project that I put to one side a few months ago. It should eventually be a lock that responds to the NFC tag implanted in my left hand. Or rather, it's the template for a number of locks.

Full disclosure: Whilst I'm documenting this all in one go, the PCB part of this was already done before Project 14 NFC/RFID started.


Project goals

My goals for the project are:

  1. Create an NFC reader with an antenna that's well matched to a small implanted tag
    A lot of commercial readers us a large PCB antenna that works really well with credit card sized tags, but not with 2 x 12mm glass ones.
  2. Include a keypad
    This lock may also be used by my wife and particularly my kids. Even I don't think tagging my kids is a great idea! They're only 7 and 5, so don't carry keys. It will be nice if they can open the door themselves though. They often want to grab my keys and run to the door when we get home. This way they won't need to.
  3. Make it flexible enough that it fits multiple purposes
    There are a number of places this might be useful - the front door of my house, my garage/workshop and my van. My van in particular would be useful. I kitesurf, and there's always the problem of what to do with the key when you're out on the water. Keyless access would be handy.


Project progress

I'll link to further blog posts as I make progress on the project.

Project stepComment
PCB designI've already have an initial PCB design based around an MSP430FR2633 microcontroller and a TRF7970A NFC transceiver.
PCB testingDoes it work as I hoped it would?
Antenna tuningThe PCB antenna works, but can it work better? I haven't got a VNA, so need to be creative.
EnclosureAn enclosure to mount the reader on the wall of my garage.
FirmwareHardware is nothing without the software to go with it.
Garage door operationThe first lock. Opening my garage door.
Front door operationOpening my front door.