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burst pattern.jpg: Three burst, LED cannon in center, right most burst smaller but now contains falling stars

knitting progress.jpg: Knitting almost complete. Looking at cables and other component placement

beers owed.jpg: Applying glue to knitting. This man deserves a BEER!


Progress on the display panel has been outstanding. Estimate one more day and it should be complete. Three burst patterns with RGBLED OFC strands can be seen in a slide. From the back of the panel it is easy to see how tedious placing strands can be.


The person assembling the panel has recommended the back of the display be covered with Plexiglas to protect the construction. He has concerns that with the unit being portable (scope creep) the exposed components will get damaged. When the knitting is completed he would like to ensure all RGBLED OFC are tested before cutting the strands to length.


I'm going to deliver on the additional scope creep requests tasks, add more lights, make the display unit portable and add sound. The sound will be last. I suggested I won't work on the sound part until the lighting part of the project is completed. That means the fireworks display completed and the LED operational, includes coding.


The scope creep will require additional GPIO's. The project will now use an Arduino (i.e. Geekcreit Mega microcontroller) in order to get the required GPIO's. That requires abandoning the Pi hardware and Python code already written. With the additional GPIO's provided by the Arduino, all RGBLED OFC will be fully controlled. To produce the falling stars (scope creep) requires and additional three GPIO's. Current GPIO count including all inputs and outputs is 32.


I made some additional progress on the electronics. The cables from the RGBLED OFC have been constructed. The perf board for holding the limiting resistors is constructed along with a board to hold a power supply layout providing 12VDC and 5VDC. The 12VDC is needed for the LED light strip and the 5VDC is needed for the scope creep sound solution I am considering.