Mounted the controller breakout board (i.e. perf board) and routed the RGBLED OFC cables through cable holders. Cable holders are just pieces of heat shink tubing, super glued to back board. In addition mounted the power supply assembly and routed power cables and input/output cables.


The fireworks light display will be triggered by a button mounted on the layout. A scope creep request was presented to make the display unit portable. A two button fireworks triggering solution was needed. A button on the display panel is recessed (below voltage display segment in the picture) and is wired in parallel with the button that will be mounted on the layout. Either button pressed will trigger the fireworks sequence.


haircut1.jpg: cutoff strands flush to the panel


haircut2.jpg: one down two to go


haircut3.jpg: cutting strands flush with side cutters


The optic fibre cable strands poking through the display needed a haircut. Using a pair of side cutters the strands were cut flush to the display panel. With all components mounted and a quick meter test to prove no shorts the display assembly was powered up. NO SMOKE!



The plan for this off-the-shelf project was to use an optic fibre cable lamp to create a model railroad layout fireworks light simulation. A series of blogs posts were created to document and track progress.  A short video to demonstrated the projects success is enclosed.