I had just bought a second hand laptop Samsung Brand with the spaecifications as follows:

ntel Core i5

4Gb RAM with

120 Gg HDD.

Unfortunately it has issues, such as:

Dead battery but still runs whenever the power charger isconnected and plug in an outlet with electrical power. At first it was opening ots windows but with a certain ceremonies to be operated before it could run the windows. The issue was that it keeps on booting the system info or the boot menu. The cycles continue unless you reach the boot menu and set the 1st boot into the Hard disc.

Im short, i was able to run the windows and now can d the computer works.

But one more issue I noticed and was also revealed to me the some bolts connections arenincoplete particularly inbthe hard disc drive and to its cover, thus, causing the Hard drive to loose the connection to the mother board.

The end result was during some transfering of the umit to somenplace, the Hard disk and its laptop cover was remove and the computer died.

When I turned it on, after fixing the Hard disc back into its original location, in

the SATA 1  the hard disc is no longer installed. This is what I want to project, on how I can repair the laptop to go it back into a functioning laptop. Thus I need to know the computer parts and how to connect it into the mother board so thati can build à new project of laptop repairing, troble shooting and solution making to the problem that can be detected in my project.