So, I was looking around for a box of incomplete projects and I came across this.




A just started (2 years ago) a Raspberry Pi arcade machine. So, I figured why not complete it!!


Now go back in time 1 week.


Our family’s friend’s son is turning 6 years old, a huge Lego and Mario fan. As a joke to my daughter (Chrystal) I said, “Why don’t we make him a big Mario Lego Figure”. That joke turned into an after-work project for Chrystal and I. I scaled a Lego mini-figure to 25:1 (They are 40mm tall), that made it 1 metre tall (or 39”). We were halfway complete and finding the arcade machine I thought, why not mix the 2 projects!!


Back to real time.


So, we modified our mega-figure to accommodate the Raspberry Pi arcade. We cut out the chest to allow for the screen and with the figure being so big, there is more then enough room inside for everything else. **See photo's below**


I downloaded the RetroPie software (Here is the link - ) for the Raspberry Pi and got that all running!! The site has great instructions on how to get it all going. I am using a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B v1.2

For the controller I used a Logitech F310 Gamepad Controller ($24.99). It has a USB plugin that makes it very easy to set-up.


Copied from their web site:

On first boot you will be welcomed with the screen below.


This menu will configure your controls for EmulationStation, all RetroArch emulators, and select standalone emulators:


Hold down any button on your controller or keyboard. While holding, its name will appear at the bottom of the window for a few seconds and then open up into a configuration menu:

Follow the onscreen instructions to configure your gamepad. If your controller doesn't have a button that you're being asked to define, just hold down any button to skip it.


You continue through all the configuring screens, then you are ready to go!!


Start to Finish photos:
















It was a great surprise for the birthday boy!!


Thank you

Dale & Chrystal Winhold