I have 48 years old but I never left the passion for RC toys.

I have 2 children and I bought RC toys (especially a lot of RC car) for them and for me.

Now I have lots of rc cars without remote controls in my garage that are nostalgic, beautiful, various sizes, various colors and that still make my heart beat faster !!!

Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes, Lamborghini, etc....

They have only one possibility, the waste basket !


It would be nice to be able to resurrect all of those RC cars and be free from the remote control.


My idea is :

  1. take the died RC car;
  2. choose a free app of remote control by Bluetooth from Google Play Store;
  3. decode the protocol and messages;
  4. develop a board (small, wide power range, BT interface) with a uC to manage commands and drive motors with full bridge output stage;
  5. open the RC car, remove the internal board and install the new

The RC car is resurrected !!!


Now is possible to drive each RC car with every smartphone or tablet with BT, simply by installing the free app, and the are no RF conflict problems because Bluetooth has several channels.


I start immediately to work on it !