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Hi, I'm developing an algorithm for the Arduino Mega that controls a Newtonian telescope using the SynScan protocol. Help me make it awesome!


Adding some more info as suggested by Enrico (thank you for your comment).


It reads a text file from the SD Card (containing information about some stars) and makes a data structure with that info allocating it in the Arduino memory.


It then sorts that info using a bubble sort algorithm and allow the user to select a star and it will move the telescope to that location (assuming that the telescope is aligned).


Other options include: Testing the communication with the telescope, obtaining info from it (model, version, coordinates, date&time, etc).


I've added a NodeMCU that serves a web interface allowing the control of the telescope from any wi-fi enabled device and I'm also trying to add a GPS module so it could be able to set the location, date&time auto-magically.