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General Description

A robot that can balance and translate on a spherical ball is developed. Its primary purpose is to focus on the high mobility in a narrow space. It can be applied in many applications such as home automation, indoor services, ...

The complicated ball robot system with large size is implemented by using two Arduino Due boards. These boards and its shield are set on the top of the robot body as the following picture:


(Hardware structure of the robot system)

The robot collects data from a 9DOF Xsens IMU which possess the high accuracy of measurements. By using this device we can obtain the lean angles of the robot. Two Arduino boards and its shield is used to sense the signal from the sensor and generate control pulses for 200W AC Servo Motors. The translation and balancing of the robot are governed by the combination motions of the three omnidirectional wheels on a spherical ball.


The demonstration aims to show operations of the robot, it can be controlled by using a Joystick as well as be able to recover to the initial position even though several large forces are pushed to the robot body.