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ArduTrx is a 2-meter-band ham radio transceiver which uses an Arduino as precessor board. I made a Arduino shield with the Dorji DRA818V transceiver module ( Together with an Arduino board and a SainSmart LCD Keypad Shield ( ) you can build a complete ham radio transceiver and start communicating. This project does not only give some basic functions to communicate with the DRA818V, it moreover has all the fuctions for a completly usable transceiver.




  • Frequency Range: 134 MHz - 174 Mhz (maybe limited to ham radio bands by software)
  • frequency selection with encoder
  • 1750 Hz tone for repeater operation
  • split rx and tx frequency for repeater operation
  • CTCSS via menu
  • Squelch and volume can be set via display keys
  • Transmit power swtchable from 0.5W to 1W
  • frequency scan
  • all settings are stored in eeprom and recalled after reset

frequency scan on ArduTrx


Planned features

  • support for the UHF version Dorji DRA818U (400 - 470 MHz)
  • DTMF signaling



The ArduTrx shield should be compatible with all 5V Arduinos. Compatibility was explicitly tested with Arduino Uno and Arduino Leonardo.

A version also compatible with 3.3V Arduinos is planed.

ArduTrx with Arduino Leonardo


Source code

You can find the source code on github:



Here is a link to the schematics:


Update March 17, 2019:


Project Website

You can find all documents, schematics, links to software and documentation on my project website:

ArduTrx - Open Source Hamradio Transceiver for Arduino