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Happy Birthday Element 14 and Happy Arduino day! Open Arduino Project14 | The Birthday Special: Arduino Projects for Arduino Day!


I present you with a simple but scary project in preparation for your time at Hogwarts (when you're 11).




I have to admit this isn't the edition I was hoping to share but lessons have been learnt and time was running out.


I have big plans for this little book and having been able to complete some basic projects in the past I thought I would breeze through my project... unfortunately it wasnt as straight forward as I first thought... but I learnt a lot and that's main thing.


This is a very simple project from beginners like me... or anyone going to a HP fancy dress party and in need of a prop!


I used an arduino uno, a motor shield and wheels


This project introduced me to the motor shield and wheels... new bits of kit for me.


The monster book of monsters.. Harry Potter


Things for later editions

I really wanted to get my servo motor running using the motor shield. The plan was to have the servo lifting the lid up and down to give the illusion the book was biting

I played around with a IR remote and sensor but have a lil accident when wiring it up... the sensor got very hot and I think i was lucky i spotted it in time.. oops (still learning!). I wondered if I could have used an IR motion detector and use similar code used in the flush-a-vader, but I couldn't work out how to include digital inputs using the motor shield. I looked on trusty Youtube and some people were sticking in wires between the two boards, but this didn't appear to work for me.


All in all a frustrating project that needed to be simplified to complete... a good personal reminder to learn to walk before running.