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Star Wars MSE-6 (Mouse Droid) INDEX:


Arduino Powered MSE-6 (Mouse Droid)

Arduino Powered MSE-6 (Mouse Droid) - Arduino Yun UI

Arduino Powered MSE-6 (Mouse Droid) - Arduino Uno and FreeRTOS

Arduino Powered MSE-6 (Mouse Droid) - Droid in Action

Arduino Powered MSE-6 (Mouse Droid) – Arduino Code


Hopefully I get this in on time.  I've been able to get the majority of the software and the electronics going as well as put the Mouse Droid together and do a test run. I've added a couple of items to have better control of the motor on the droid.  A Duratrax Photon 2 DC motor was added as well as a Horizon ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) to control the DC motor.


DuraTrax Photon Speed 2 DC Motor -

Horizon ESC 60A ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) -


It took a bit of work but I was able to control the Speed Control from the UNO by using it like a Servo.  It has a 3-wire connection similar to a servo but all was needed was an input signal and the ground to communicate with it.  It does require some set-up to get it set to run in Forward and Backward mode but after some trial and error I was able to get the thing to do what I wanted.

So, from my Mouse Droid webpage that is hosted on the Arduino Yun, I was able to send a message to the Yun TFT screen, play the Mouse Droid sounds as well as control the droid by moving it Forward, Backward, Left, Right and Stop.   I added the ping sensor to the front but am not using the sweep servo for now due to the space in from of the chassis.


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Arduino Powered MSE-6 (Mouse Droid) - Arduino Uno and FreeRTOS

Arduino Powered MSE-6 (Mouse Droid) - Arduino Yun UI

Arduino Powered MSE-6 (Mouse Droid)


NOTE: I added the pics again since they were shown as thumb nail pics for some reason.


The new web page with the Mouse Droid controls looks like the following.



To create the bod of the Mouse droid I used black foam board.  This was cheap and easy to work with, although did some work to get the shape I was looking for. I took a few sheets and cut the individual pieces I needed.

MSE-6 Mouse Droid Foam Cut outs

After hot cluing the pieces together, the Mouse Droid shape started to take form.


MSE-6 Mouse Droid Body Side View

With the RJ Speed Legend chassis assembled, it really started to look like an MSE-6


MSE-6 Mouse Droid  with wheels


With the chassis and the body together, it was time to put the guts (electronics) in the Droid.

This includes the Arduino Yun (LEFT), Ardiuno UNO (RIGHT), Seeed TFT Screen, Speaker, 7.2 to 5 volt regulator, Steering servo, Photon Speed 2 Motor, and ESC.

MSE-6 Mouse Droid Inside look


Video of the inside.



And, controlling the Mouse Droid from the web page, I can run the droid remotely.

(Sorry, the video came out a bit fuzzy)



That is about it for now. There are still the side IC panels and the top pieces that are seen on the droid, but it seems to be working functionally now.