Bird Brother

Everybody loves birds. Especially those that eat in our DIY feeder that we've build and placed in our backyard (or the empty field behind our home).

Kids and parents love them (well, my kid does and I do too) and love to watch them eat. But when they ask what bird is that, it's a problem.. Most of them we don't know !


So, this project will use the Raspbery PI HQ Camera and OpenCV to detect when a bird is present and using ML will try to find what kind of bird it is.


My project will use (at least for now) :

  • Raspberry PI
  • Raspberry PI HQ camera
  • OpenCV (or pytorch) to alert when a bird is feeding and Machine Learning to find the type of bird.
  • Post to Twitter photos of the birds with their identification


If there's enough time (and luck), there's also a small rain pond were they sometimes take a bath early in the morning. If successful (and if it rains, or no pond), I will add this too to the project.


Will try to make the project solar powered - Summer is coming  - and fully automated.

SIDE NOTE: I've noticed cats patrolling the feeder - will try to catch those as well !

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