The AV to HDMI convertor has arrived and I have connected it up to the Serial JPEG camera and a HDMI display. The HDMI display is from a previous Element14 Project (HoloPiBot #10 : It Actually Works - It Really D... | element14 | Programmable Logic) and is the only HDMI display I think I have, although I could use the laptop or TV if I want a bigger picture. Below is an example of everything rather haphazardly plugged together.



This is all working, which is good, but unfortunately there seems to be some sort of shadow image that is always present. It does look as if the camera might have some previous image 'burned' into it (I didn't know this was possible). I have checked the previous image I have (in Cat Detector Mk IV #1 : Testing the Serial TTL ... | element14 | Photography) and I could not see any evidence of this shadow image so it looks as if somehow I have done it - although I have no idea how.


Does anyone have any ideas how to get rid of this shadow image?




PS Not all my videos are faultless and professional. Sometimes I cannot even remember what I am doing!