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4 Posts authored by: scottiebabe
The day arrived to finally put the Nemo Discovery Apparatus out into the wild! I lashed up the solar panel to my backpack and headed down to the river.   I can't help but laugh when I see this photo, the solar panel is borderline too big for a backpack, but it does put out the watts!   Putting the solar panel in the water was really just to validate the proof of concept. The pool noodle pontoons could drastically be improved for a long-term deployment.     Placing the ...

Finding Nemo - Power

Posted by scottiebabe Jul 28, 2021
Alongside the performance increases of the Raspberry Pi 4 over previous generations, comes an increased demand for electrical power. The RPI team recommend a USB-C power supply capable of an output current of 3A. So, the easiest way to get up and running with the RPI4 and camera kit is to purchase either: (or equivalent) USB-C Power Bank   29-7860 is an affordable power bank with a 2A output that may be sufficient if you are not u ...

Finding Nemo - Camera

Posted by scottiebabe Jul 22, 2021
I want to start off by extending my gratitude to the Element14 Team for sending me such a lovely gift! Mounting the Camera  With the camera having the ubiquitous ¼”-20 thread mount that has been in use on film and digital cameras for a very long time, there are consequently a vast number of camera fixturing devices readily available (like a tripod).   For this project, I am going to use some bits and bobs from a 50-in-1 Action Camera Accessory Kit. Partly because I alrea ...

Finding Nemo

Posted by scottiebabe Jul 10, 2021
An underwater adventure all made possible by some exciting new products recently introduced by the Raspberry Pi Foundation.   Project Inspiration First and foremost, this project is about having fun with Photography.   The underwater landscape is home to a vast number of aquatic lifeforms. Most of which I have never seen before and certainly don’t know their names. A large part of this project is for me to see what is living in the water. I would love to capture a fish on camer ...