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nanoSense:Motion is an Ultra-Low Power Motion / Human Presence Sensing device with Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity.

The device is based on the Kemet PL-N823-01 Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor and the OnSemi RSL10 Bluetooth Low Energy SoC.


The output signal of the Kemet PL-N823-01 is first amplified by an op-amp based amplification circuitry. The amplified signal is then sensed by a Texas Instruments ADS7142 analog digital converter, capable of autonomous sensor monitoring. The OnSemi RSL10 is kept in sleep mode most of the time, consuming just about 25nA.


The ADS7142 is programmed to wake up the RSL10 when the input signal breaches a low or a high threshold. When this happens the  broadcasts n event over Bluetooth Low Energy. This broadcast event then can be intercepted by a BLE capable device like the Raspberry Pi, and can be used to control various things in a home automation system.


The device has a size of just 22 x 33 mm, and is powered from a CR2032 battery.


Here is how the final assembly looks like:


Video demo:

Full project description on


Project files on GitHub: