Below is the hottest game of 2020. A £500 reward is given to anyone who is able to win.


A light run to the right will indicate a sequence beggining with a length 1 for you to remember, a second light run to the right shows the sequence has finished and you can now begin reentering the sequence using the corresponding buttons.


If you guess correctly the light run will be to the right and the next level begins with an extra light added onto the sequence, if you are incorrect the light run will be to the left and you must then repeat it with a strike being added.


For complex reasons (laxy programming) the sequence must not be reentered too quickly, nor with you holding the buttons down. Additionally you must complete any guesses up to the length of the actual sequence.


How To play:

- Run the below

- Observe the print statements to see your current score and strikes

- Two light runs to the left indicate that you lose



- Use triggers to get rid of the horrendous 'double click' bodge

- Add dual LED options

- Add strikes to the coloured LED's, although use PWM to stop them burning any corneas.

- Give up on this whole thing and do something useful

- Avoid horrendous global variable programming practices

- Close resources properly to prevent having to reload the notebook each time


I look forwards to carrying on with the workshops and adding a few new skills! I sense this game is uderutilising the available resources somewhat.