A Question of Scale

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For some time I have wanted to make a swarm of smaller mobile robots, just to play around with on a desk top. With the  Project14 A Question of Scale challenge I thought about having a go at making the smallest mobile robot that I could. So I looked into small DC motors and gears and stuff and didn't really get anywhere, plus other things took up my time - such as sleeping. Recently I had another think about having a go but realised that there isn't much time left, only 7 days now, which didn't seem much so I was going to give up and do something else (Tobbie my walking robot). But then I thought, why not scale down the time available and see what kind of small mobile robot I can make in 24 hours. So here I am starting on my 24 hours. I'm already late as the car alarm has been randomly going off which I have been trying to fix - without any success, and I have somewhere to go at lunch time. Still, I'm going to have a go anyway.


For some time I have been collecting the tops from spray cans with the vague intention of using them as the shell for my smaller mobile robot, see photograph below, so I thought I would try and make a mobile robot that will fit inside this cap. I'm only going to use the bits I have and I haven't really thought about it much but here I go …..




Some of my Spray Can TopsA Question of