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Garage omni controller




For my control and automation project I have automated a couple of processes in the Garage.  Being a keen home brewer I've decided to upgrade my existing homebrew controller, the existing unit I had was getting old and I quite liked the idea of being able to control it from anywhere in the house using my mobile phone.  For this I've used the node red framework and a raspberry Pi to do the control.  There's a project write up here:


Raspberry Pi Homebrew controller with Node Red UI


On top of that I've decided to integrate some irrigation functionality into the project so I can ensure my fruit patch is adequately watered during summertime.  I'm a big fan a home grown fruit and veg but in the summer months I wanted to be sure they were getting enough water since I'm far too busy brewing beer to keep track of that sort of thing.


Raspberry Pi Home Irrigation system using Node Red


The projects are base on python and node red and operate on the raspberry pi platform.