From the start, I have designed Smarthab with connectivity. Smarthab uses several forms of connectivity: Bluetooth, Zigbee,e WiFi, RFID, and Internet. And here is what they do:

  • Zigbee - Interconnection of low-power devices in a mesh network such as my thermostat or air quality management system.
  • Bluetooth - Interconnection of devices that work in a higher power band, such as keyboards, room fobs (controller). to be designed
  • RFID - Passive devices, 20cm for fobs and badges, etc.
  • WiFi - Connects my cars to my house for updating Music, Phone Numbers, etc. This also lets Tablets, and Laptops on my network, via a RADIUS, Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service.
  • Internet - Connects to the world wide web, via an OpenBSD Firewall. This firewall only connects via three cables two only with MAC address (Data-In and Data-Out). In this way, nothing looks like it's there ie. just a piece of wire. The third is normally on the motherboard and is used for back-end control.

I will describe how my Smarthab monitoring and control will be accomplished.


On my web server, I have a secure page that displays the current status of my hab. This page has multi-layer gifs so this page is touchable as well as readable.  The mechanism basically are three parts

  1. The web page(s) on the web server.
  2. The scrape for the web server so you can send the data back to the Smarthab's via the Internet.
  3. An HTTP data parser to grab the data that you need for the Smarthab's  Environmental Server.