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Assaulting the cloud: uploading fitness data to IoT


The hardware is pretty straight forward:


a. power:

- 18650 battery

- a TP4056 battery-charger unit;

- a DC-DC boost convert to 5V.


b. controller:

- a ESP8266 D1 mini board.


c. display and user interaction:

- a regular 1602 LCD (HD44780 controlled);

- a PCF8574ATPCF8574AT I2C adapter.

- UPLOAD button;

- SELECT button - to select between displaying mode: either TIME, CALORIES, DISTANCE, RPM or ALL (this is not yet implemented). Currently ALL are displayed at once;

- UP and DOWN buttons - to increase/decrease number of minutes for workout - it is not yet implemented.


I have improvised a shield for D1 mini: all signals from buttons and LCD come to the shield via 10-pin flat ribbon cable. This way I can detach the parts of the console and open it quite easily. Also on the shield I have two connectors: one for the sensor and one for the POWER switch.


Routing the wires inside the console enclosure and fitting everything inside proved to be a more challenging than I originally thought. I see how easily (and more elegant) it would have been to 3D print an enclosure especially for this.


As far as software is concerned:


- the bike can measure the time for workout, distance traveled, RPM, average speed for the whole workout (meters/seconds);

- all the data is uploaded to Thingspeak once the UPLOAD button is pressed;

- since the ESP8266 is located in a place that is not easily accesible, OTA (Over The Air) updating is included in the software.



What needs to be added:


-  calories measurement;

-  use a bigger font to display one of the metrics;

-  different predefined workouts (selectable).


Pictures of the console (this is the back side of the console, the side that is not visible to the user): the ribbon coming from inside the console, the sensor wires and the power switch wires.


control unit for the bike


For charging the battery:

control unit for the bike - charging


Data on Thingspeak:


control unit for the bike - data on thingspeak