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Over the last few years I had different types of succulent plants but due extreme outdoor environment I have lost many of these. After a lot of experimentation now I know exactly how to take care of these plants in alien conditions. The most crucial factor in healthy or controlled growth of these plants is soil moisture level and environmental temperature. These plants can die within few days if soil remain wet/moist and environment is cold. Therefore I have decided to built this system so it can enable me to monitor these from anywhere.


The most important factor that I took care of in building this project is communication security. Because standard MQTT or HTTP communication between server and device is very insecure and anyone can easily view the exact transmitted or received data.

Another important feature of this project is implementation of remote device restart, reset or firmware update through secure communication. With secured cloud integration one can easily add other features like AI/ML in this project (Future work).


Micro Monster - Succulent Plants Monitoring System

Some of these plant that I have propagated this years and these will be used in this project. Added 3mm LED to give an idea about the size of these plants.


Key features:

  • Secured Communication (most important)
  • Cloud Integration
  • Password protection for onboard data viewing
  • Onboard information and data display
  • Real time remote data monitoring and data logging (with timestamp)
  • Real time MCU temperature monitoring
  • Remote device restart
  • Remote factory reset (to initial settings)
  • Remote firmware update


Hardware Components:

  • PSoC6 WiFi-BT pioneer Kit
  • DHT22
  • Light Sensor
  • Soil Moisture Sensor
  • Buzzer
  • LCD Display
  • Servo Motor (Optional)
  • DC Fan


Software Components:

  • Wiced Studio
  • PSoC Creator or Modus Toolbox


PART 1: Micro Monster - Succulent Plants Monitoring System

PART 2: Establishing and Testing the Secure Connection

PART 3: Remote Device Restart, Factory Reset and Data storage on External Flash

PART 4: Remote Firmware Download and Update

PART 5: Sensors Interfacing

PART 6: Final Testing and Demo