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Personally I prefer to repair the broken electronic device instead of buying new one. The typical scenario is a headphones where the most common case is broken jack or cord. Fixing of this issue takes around 5 - 15 minutes and it is quite simple.


Required tools:
- soldering iron,

- solder wire,

- wire cutter (optionally wire stripper),

- multimeter


The first step is to locate reason of issue. In this purpose we use ohmmeter to check resistance of each channel. During this you could twist or move headphone cord to check where is break. Typically the cord breaks near jack plug or headphone. In my case it was broken jack plug. Unfortunately my plug was not able to disassembly, so I replaced it with new.


I cut cord near the plug and removed the silicon protective layer. Next step is to put the cord through the sleeve of the jack plug. Now we could start soldering of wires for each channel to the jack plug.

Wires have colors to distinguish specific audio channels. Typically:

- green for left channel,

- green with brown for left channel ground,

- red for right channel,

- red with brown for left channel ground.


Below image describes typical jack plugs:




Now you need to solder wires for each channel to the plug. It is handy to have "third hand" tool during this step. At this step you could verify solder joints with multimeter. At last step you need to push and twist the metal sleeve to the jack plug.


Here is short video which presents this kind of repair: