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This is the brief final element of repairing the relay and is an extension of the test program to use the more automated side of the Omicron software. This blog is really only for someone who may have more of an interest in the use of the Omicron injection test set in testing relays.


The initial testing of the relay involved the use of the QuickCMC module within the Omicron software that requires each setting to be adjusted and activated manually. The software also contains a command centre that can be used to pre-program various modules and then sequence through them automatically.


The first video goes through creating the test program. I only created modules for testing the relay at the 12% setting, but could also have set up modules for other settings and turned the modules on or off depending on what setting I wanted to test at.



The second video shows the test program in operation testing the relay and a review of the report it generates.



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