Forward Points

(1) This is not a project entry, but reading the RF (Radio Frequency) I thought it was be an interesting article to paste in there.

(2) My second point is, do not try this yourself. Watch it, find it interesting, discuss it below, but leave the idea there !


The Article

In the UK it seems the trend for more things to be plant-based and there is no reason why this cannot continue into electronics. Whilst browsing the internet finding fun articles I found this interesting video on Youtube. It shows a couple of people skylarking around next to a powerful AM transmitter antenna. They are touching the live transmitter antenna base with thin branches from local shrubs and in doing so are able to hear the audio of the radio station. They also seem at time to do a good job of getting a 'shock/burn'.

[Full video is external on Youtube:  ]

I appologise to anyone who can translate the conversation in the video if it contains inappropriate language!