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RF (Radio Frequency)

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Jan Cumps

Antenna Antenna

Posted by Jan Cumps Top Member Dec 15, 2019
RF (Radio Frequency) Enter Your Project for a chance to win a Spectrum Analyzer for the Most Innovative RF Project! Back to The Project14 homepage Project14 Home Monthly Themes Monthly Theme Poll   I have a kit of TI-designed antenna designs, a small flatflex from the NXP Warp kit and a set of rod antennas I got from shabaz. Just recently Project14 sent a box of Molex antenna samples as a present. A short overview:   This image is 500 KB. I've kept it fairly high-resolution to ...
Project Goal: React on receiving a LoRa message and forward it as an SMS.   A transmitter will send LoRa messages on demand. A receiver will listen for messages and when it picks up a communication, sends the payload as SMS.   Components: 2 SemTech LoRa MBED shields with Antennas 1 Arduino MKR 1040 GSM with Antenna 1 more Arduino MKR 1xxx or any 3V3 model. 16 jumper wires 1 data enabled active SIM card   Scenario  There are two Arduinos with a SemTech LoRa shield c ...