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This is a bit late, but I wanted to get an update with my PWHBot based on what I have.

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I've added the LM339 IR Sensor Array to the bot and placed the sensors at the end of some pieces of bicycle ties that I got at a local store. These are basically robber coated wire and are bendable so I was able to direct the sensors where I wanted them.  This also gives the bot a bit of a spider look.

PWHBot Front view showing Ping sensor and IR sensor arms


This is what the sensor array looks like mounted on the bot.


PWHBot close of up of LM339 IR Sensor array mounted on bot


And the wiring of the Sensor array, power regulators and motor driver to the TM4C123GXL.


PWHBot Close up of connections to TM4C123GXL


So, here is the bot in action demonstrating the Table Top Challenge for detecting the edge of a table.  I used a white foam board with painted edges to mimic the table.


Since I was the only one that showed up to the challenge with a bot, I suppose I won the first round. I plan to keep adding to this and see where I can take it.