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One of our household items is an R2D2!


He's movie screen ready and has an autonomous dome.  We built him with the help of the gang at  It is a forum for droid building enthusiasts.  (Between that forum and the Ben Heck show, I learned everything I know about mechelectronics.)


The autonomous dome automatically blinks his lights and opens his panels in pseudo random fashion.  However, recently, we noticed that after a few minutes, his panels would no longer open as designed and one of his front lights (the Process State Indicator) no longer behaved properly.  The servos would just stutter and not open fully.  For the light, it should light up in red, blue, or scroll from one color to the other.  Instead it is either off for long periods of time or fully on with both the red and the blue making it look solid magenta.  This started after I added an additional white LED to his front holoprojector.


R2D2s Failed Front Light


In our video, we will show, rather than parts swapping, how I narrow down the true root cause of the erratic behavior.  At the end, we summarize some of the most common things to consider when troubleshooting erratic behaviors with Integrated Circuits.  And, of course, we fix him!!!