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I would like to present a simple headphone amplifier based on PCC88 tubes. This construction was made a around a year ago. This amplifier gives a very fun from listening of music.

Main construction based on the White's cathode follower. Here is schematic of this part:

Here you could find more information about White's follower with equations for e.g. gain:

As power supply I have used a boost converter which gives around 180V with 40 mA of current. Here is schematic of boost converter:


Values of elements:

R1 = 0.47 Ω

R3 = 10 kΩ

R4 = 681 kΩ

L = 1mH

T1 = IRF840

D1 = BYV29-500

C5 = 470uF + 100nF

Case was made from old box for transformer which was polished.


Here is short video presentation: