Solar Power Devices

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I'm a little behind starting the build of my solar project.  Still having some problems with my 3D printer.  It is starting to show its age (I built the kit 5 years ago).  The heated bed has developed a slight bow, so I'm having issues with prints larger than 100mm x 100mm.  Anyway, I managed to print some functional parts for the case and I've started to assemble the pieces of the unit which is 140mm x 160mm (not including the mounting tabs)..


3D printed case parts (wanted to print in white, but my white filament is bad):

3D printed case parts


Started wiring the solar cells:

Photocell wiring


Started assembling the breadboard that holds the 8266 Thing:

Breadboard wiring


Here is the breadboard with the 8266 Thing mounted:

Resistors are for the reference cell load and the A/D input divider.

The small board is the FDTI USB programming interface (it will be removed after I'm done).

8266 Thing assembly


Here is the board assembly and LiPo battery in the case:

I still need to figure out how I want to attach them to the case.

Board and battery in case


Here is the assembled case with the solar cells:

Assembled case


Things left to do mechanically:

1) Add connector for remote temperature sensor (maybe a terminal block?)

2) Add power switch

3) Add power indicator LED?

4) Attach battery and board to case

5) Make a gasket for the cover


Things left to do electrically:

1) Wire remote sensor connection

2) Wire solar cells to board

3) Wire power switch (and maybe LED)


Then on to finalizing the 8266 program and getting some data.  Somehow, I've misplaced my Tmp102 sensor.  If I can't find it - I'll probably have to substitute a different sensor (maybe not I2C) and that would require a program change.


Another complication is that I probably won't be able to test the functionality of the unit on the roof next to my solar array.  My son had to go out of state for an extended time for his job and my wife won't let me get up on the roof by myself.  I'll test it on the ground with the correct orientation and inclination and will have to deploy it later.