I gathered up some toys and thought which one of you can be tech upped (is that a word?) and be useful to this contest.



The spikey fish and duck shouted pick me. Oh it will be another day for you. I had to go with the LED duck we brought at some Dollar Store a long time ago for $3:00. Can the LED lights work with the Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera Board and see in the dark. I have  one but really never put it to the test. I am using the Raspberry Pi 3 but really any Pi or LED Duck should work.



Okay let's blink the Duck. There is a button on top of the duck that will set off the LED lights. If you press it again you get a blinky reaction.




Put the duck on top of the Raspberry Pi and according to the official rules I must take a video. It's 2:00 pm est here and not yet dark. Will wait until the sun goes down. I do foster dogs/cats but do not have a fur baby at the moment. They make the purrfect picture for times like this.


2015-03-20 21.58.10.jpg