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Examples of a mess!

As I have said before I love flight simulation but the cables well it gives me a big headache. Some cables are downright ugly! And the worst ones don't have any pinout.

Want List (Dream Big):

  • Hardware Expandable /  Software Extensible
  • Uses Scripting Language for configurations, like LUA or XML
  • Client / Server Model (Client is the box, Server a Linux PC)
  • Should start with 2x 25 pins this will give me DB25, DB15, DB9, RJ45, and others.
  • I2C for expansion.
  • Should have a 'flying probe" for testing military connectors.
  • Each side will be Arduino Mega. 
  • Print the cable  drawing
  • Test on a pin for pin
  • Test on shorts to other pins
  • Determine Miss-Wires.

Shopping List:

  • 2 x Arduino Mega R3
  • 1x Arduino Ethernet Sheild
  • Project Box
  • Ethernet Cable 1 - 2 meters.
  • 2x RJ-45 Receptacles.
  • 2x DB25 Female or Male
  • 5 volt DC Wall Wart ~ 1amp (anything should do)


This is all for this week as I am in class until next Tuesday.


Cris H.


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