Last night I woke up about 4 AM and realized that I don't have to use any Arduino(s) for the Cable Tester.   I remembered that I had picked up a VME chassis with a bunch of Rotec I/O cards. The final configuration will  be 256 channels (half input and half output)  So here what I'm going to do.


  • 32 channel Output Card(s) DIG 32-Ok (I have 4 of them)
  • 32 channel Input Card(s) DIG 32-IS (need 4 and I have 6 of them)
  • Interface Cables RTC-K-049/4M (need 8 and I have 10 of them.)
  • VME CPU w/ Ethernet
  • Hard Drive Interface
  • VME Chassis & Power Supply
  • Linux Box for GUI etc.


  • Rotec Gmbh is in Germany which is an early call for me so I have to call before 7 AM (about 2 PM in the afternoon), hopefully, they will have the documents I will be looking for. The other problem is my German well sucks.
  • I will have to pull apart my lab to get at the large VME rack at the bottom of the stack. Hopefully, it still powers up.
  • Then I have to find a CPU that's not too old so I can run Linux on it.
  • VME/SCSI Adapter a nice Motorola MVME-327A hda brand new in the box.
  • I need to find an MVME-717 SCSI Transition Module. As it so happens I can just run a 50 pin cable from P2 on MVME-327A to the hard drive directly. As per paragraph 5.2 in dah manual. (aren't they great)
  • After all that I just need a hard drive. And then I write some software.

* Please Note that some of the Problems are in Red or Not done and when Green they are done.


~~ Cris H.

Stay Tuned, More to Come!



  • Just found a VMIC 7648 which is a 32 bit Intel P3 with 512Mb of memory, Ethernet, USB, VGA, but no hda on the SBC. (more problems)
  • Before I try and recover the large chassis I can test the CPU and HDA combo in a small 6 slot desktop chassis.


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