Well here is my VME rack on the right. This is my Test Rack, it really does not hold all the cards, I need another 2 cards. The CPU is working and has been tested. The blank slot in the bottom is for an IDE controller with the drive cable coming out of the front panel. Rotech STILL has not gotten back to me. Bummer. I only have one Mega that I was not using and it has the female headers soldered down. And I can not wire wrap to it, therefore I have no way of connecting my Arduino Mega to my DB-25 with wire-wrap tails.

I saw a cool wire tester in the public domain so I looked at his code for an Arduino. I have rewritten it in standard ANSI C. So I have no Arduino that I can use! I did get the drivers for the Zycom DIO card though (third card from the left)

Not to disappoint everyone, but I shall keep working on this beast and posting here as I slog along.

One note the cable comes out of the front of VME rack and I have the Rotec Cables, So before a using aluminum I will be destroying another plastic box.

With Regrets.

~~ Cris H.


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